What spoke tension should I use when building wheels with Carbonal rim?

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spoke tension check during carbon bicycle wheel building

During wheel building, please bring the spokes to an even tension with a maximum tolerance of 5% for all drive and all non-drive sides. For the recommended spoke tensions, please refer to the following chart.

 Wheel type Non-drive side (F) Drive side (R)
Road/Gravel/CX disc wheelset 120-130kgf 120-130kgf
Road non-disc wheelset 100-110kgf 125-135kgf
MTB wheelset 120-130kgf 120-130kgf
Fatbike wheelset 100-110kgf 100-110kgf


Stress-Relieving during carbon bicycle wheel building

Please don't forget to do Stress-Relieving: During and after wheel building, get the wheel stress relieved properly. If a spoke develops a sharp bend in it while building, please replace the spoke.

If any questions, please feel free to contact us by email (sales@carbonalbike.com), we will do our best to help you.

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