A few tips to make your bike lighter

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Although aerodynamics are widely recognized these days, as cyclists we still want our bikes to be a little lighter. So where can we reduce the weight of our bike?

1. Stem and handlebar

 You may not save much weight here, but if you replace the aluminum alloy stem and handlebar with carbon fiber stem and handlebar, then you may save 50g - 100g for your bike.

2. Tires

If your bike comes standard with heavier tires, upgrading them can provide some solid weight savings (about 50g - 100g) and improve ride quality. While this inexpensive upgrade has the potential to come with generally reduced puncture resistance. But for many lighter-weight cyclists, it's a risk worth taking. Because lighter tires not only save weight, they also improve ride quality and feel.

3. Wheelset

If your bicycle is equipped with aluminum alloy wheels, then by upgrading it to carbon fiber wheelset, you can save up to 500g or so in weight, which is considerable. Carbon fiber wheels not only bring less weight, but also give you a better riding experience.

4. Other accessories

Another simple weight-saving measure is the option to replace the bottle cage, headset, screws, saddle, seat post and pedals and so on that come with the bike in lightweight alloy, titanium or carbon fiber versions.

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