Precautions for the use of brake pads for rim brake road bike carbon wheels

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Although now is the era of disc brake road bikes, many riders are still using rim brake road bikes. This article only applies to rim brake road bikes, not mountain bikes and other models with V-brakes or suspension brakes.

Carbon fiber rims and aluminum alloy rims require the use of brake pads of different materials. Especially with carbon fiber rims, it is very important to use the correct brake pads. The brake pads used for aluminum rims must be wear-resistant, and the rims and brake pads will wear each other, so we often see metal debris from the aluminum rims remaining on the brake pads when we wash the car. But carbon fiber rim surface cannot be worn, only the brake pads can be worn, so the brake pads used are relatively soft, and must have a good heat dissipation effect.

Carbon fiber is not as good at conducting heat as aluminum alloys, which means carbon fiber rims tend to get hot more easily. When the rim overheats, it can melt the resin that holds the carbon fibers together and cause the tube to burst, or even the rim itself to fail. Brake pads designed for carbon fiber rims are designed to avoid rim heat build-up. Also, proper use of the brakes is important. You should avoid holding down the brakes on long descents.

Carbonal bike high temperature resistance resin TG255 rim brake clincher carbon rims is our special developed formula. Over the last 2 years, more than 20,000 rims sold all over the world, ZERO overheating report.

In order to make your carbon wheel set more durable, you should choose the corresponding brake pads, must use the brake pads for carbon fiber rim (brake track), not for aluminmum brake track.

Brake pads for carbon wheels should not be used on aluminum rims or a carbon rim with alumimu brake track, as they are very soft and wear out quickly. Also, if these brake pads are used on an aluminum rim, a small amount of metal debris from the rim can become embedded in the pads. When the set of brake pads is subsequently used on the carbon fiber rim, the metal chips will wear away the carbon fiber and damage the rim.

Brake pad maintenance

Fine grit from the road surface or metal debris from braking can get embedded in the brake pads and wear the surface of the wheelset like sandpaper every time you brake. Regular cleaning of wheel brake rims and pads can increase their longevity and performance. You can use isopropyl alcohol at a concentration of more than 90% or a special brake cleaner to clean the brake pads. Please do not use any products that will leave glue stains as this will reduce your braking power. Lightly sand the brake pads if necessary.

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