27.5er mtb MX732XC 32mm wide 25mm deep carbon rim - 310g

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This asymmetric 650b mtb rim is light and stiff for xc, the unique asymmetric 3mm offset rim profile balances drive and non-drive side spoke tension to create a more durable and long lasting mtb wheels.

Rim Specs

Rim Model MX732XC
Size 27.5"
Use XC
Type Hookless
Tubeless Ready Yes
Inner/Outer Width 27mm/32mm
Depth 25mm
ERD 557mm
Weight 310g±15 (UD) / 325g±15 (3k, 6k, Marble)
Offset 3mm (asymmetric)
Max Weight Limit 100kgs
Spoke Hole Angle ±7°
Spoke Tension 110~130kgf (recommended)
Tire Pressure 60psi (recommended max)
Tire Size 2.0" ~ 2.4" (recommended)
Warranty 5 years
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