[Disc Brake] 700C Road Bitex BX306 & 312 + Sapim CX-Ray Spoke 18mm Internal Width CLINHCER Wheels

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Product Item: 700C Road Bitex BX306 & 312 + Sapim CX-Ray Spoke 25mm Wide CLINCHER Wheels

Rim Specs

Rim Type
Road Clincher rims
Size 700C
Use Road
Inner / Outer Width 18mm / 25mm
Depth 30 / 38 / 45 / 50 / 60 / 88mm
Spoke Hole Angle ±7°
Spoke Tension 110~130kgf
Tyre Pressure 125psi (recommended max)
Tire 21C~38C recommended


Hub Specs

Hub Model
Bitex BX306F/R (6 bolts) or BX312F/R (center lock), straight pull;
Front Hub Axle 12x100mm / QR 100mm
Rear Hub Axle 12x142mm / QR 135mm
Freehub body
Shimano Road 11S 
Brake System Disc 6 Bolts / Disc Center Lock
Hole Front 24, Rear 24
Lacing Front - 2 cross, Rear - 2 cross


 Spoke & Nipple Specs

Spoke Sapim CX-Ray, Black
Nipple Sapim Alloy / Brass, Black / Red


Rim Model vs Complete Wheel Weight

Rim model Rim weight / pc Wheelset weight Weight limit
DX30S 370g 1,265g 120kgs
DX38S 400g 1,325g 120kgs
DX38D 400g 1,325g 120kgs
DX45S 430g 1,385g 120kgs
DX50S 450g 1,425g 125kgs
DX50D 450g 1,425g 125kgs
DX60S 500g 1,525g 130kgs
DX88S 720g 1,965g 135kgs
    * Complete wheel weights are subject to a ±5% variance.
      * Each wheelset will ship with: spare spokes, nipples; freehub spacer for 10 speed cassettes.
        * If you can't find the specs you need, please contact us directly to see what we can do, we will do our best to help you.