700c Full Carbon 24mm Wide Tubular Triathlon & Track Disc Wheels - REAR Wheel

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Product Item: 700c Full Carbon 24mm Wide Tubular Triathlon & Track Disc Wheels - REAR Wheel

Crafted for TT experts and top triathletes, this 24mm tubular aero disc stands out in every facet: aerodynamics, rolling resistance, braking, and acceleration. This aero disc tubular wheel is speedy enough to conquer the flat course and lightweight enough for the most demanding triathlons or time trials.

Disc Wheel Rear Wheel Specs

Intended use Triathlon / TT / Track
Size 700C
Material Toray T700 + T800 premium carbon fiber
Weight 990g ± (5%) *
Rim type Tubular
Width 24mm 
Weave UD / 3k twill / 12k / 18k / Marble
Rear Hub Carbonal OE hub* / Carbonal OE track hub / DT Swiss 350 / DT Swiss 240
Cassette body Shimano Road 11S / Sram XDR
CEMA ceramic bearings
Brake system Rim brake / Disc brake
Axle size

QR 130mm (V brake) /

TA 12x 142mm (Disc center lock)

Track 120mm

Max cyclist weight 130kgs / 287lbs
Valve hole diameter 6.5mm (presta)
Max Tyre Pressure N/A
5 years

*This weight is for disc wheel with UD weave and free coating finish. Disc wheels with other carbon weaves and finishes are slightly heavier. Please pay attention to the increased weight marked in the options when you choose Weave and Finish and hubs.

*Carbonal OE hub is ratchet system, can be upgraded to DT Swiss ratchet body.

*All of our products are made to order and therefore have a 4-6 week lead time.

 If you can't find the specs you need, please contact us directly to see what we can do, we will do our best to help you.

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