W24-23.5H 700c wave disc asymmetric gravel 24mm internal 23.5mm deep hookless rim - 290g

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Product Item: W24-23.5 wave disc asymmetric gravel 24mm internal width 23.5mm deep hookless rim - 290g

Featuring a wide 24mm internal rim width, new wave profile offers significant performance benefits: it reduces aero drag, more laterally stiff, and has greater impact resistance. As the lightest 700c gravel rim we've developed, it is designed to transform the feel of your ride by being ultra-light and just the right amount of compliance to absorb impact from rough ground.

Rim Specs

Rim Model W24-23.5H
Material Toray T700 & T800 premium carbon fiber
Size 700C / 29” (ETRTO 622mm)
Intended Use Gravel/CX
Bead Type Hookless
Tubeless Capable
Inner/Outer Width 24mm/29mm
Depth 23.5mm
ERD 598mm (including nipple head dimension)
Weight 290g±15
Offset 2.8mm (asymmetric)
Max Cyclist Weight (on flat ground)
100kgs / 220lbs
Spoke Hole Angle ±7°
Spoke Tension 110~130kgf (recommended)
Tire Pressure (with 28C)
55psi / 3.79bar (recommended max)
Tire Size 28C ~ 50C (recommended)
Warranty 5 years

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