[Disc Brake] Tune Prince Hub + Sapim CX-Ray Spoke Lightweight 22mm Internal Width CLINCHER Wheels

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Product Item: Tune Prince Hub + Sapim CX-Ray Spoke Lightweight 22mm Internal Width CLINCHER Wheels.

Custom build road bicycle carbon wheel with Tune Princess Skyline & Prince hub + Aero CX-Ray Sapim spokes & nipples. Top Racing level, super lightweight, performance, perfect for road racing, cross country and marathon.

Rim Specs

Rim Type
Road/Gravel/CX Clincher Rims
Material Toray T700 & T800 premium carbon fiber
Size 700C / 29" (ETRTO 622mm)
Intended Use Road / Gravel / CX
Tubeless Ready Yes
Inner/Outer Width 22mm/29mm
Depth 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50mm
Offset symmetric (0mm) / asymmetric (2.5mm)
Spoke Hole Angle ±7°
Spoke Tension 110~130kgf (recommended)
Tyre Pressure 125psi / 8.62bar (recommended max)
25C~48C recommended
Warranty 5 years


Hub Specs

Hub Model
Tune princess skyline & prince, Straight pull;
Front Hub Axle 12x100mm / 15x100mm 
Rear Hub Axle 12x142mm
Freehub Body
Shimano Road 11S 
Brake System Disc 6 bolts
Hole Front 24, Rear 24
Lacing Front - disc side 2 cross, non disc side radial, Rear - 2 cross


 Spoke & Nipple Specs

Spoke Sapim CX-Ray, Black
Nipple Sapim Alloy / Brass Nipple, Black / Red / Silver / Blue / Green / Gold


Rim Model vs Complete Wheel Weight

Rim model Rim weight / pc Wheelset weight Max cyclist weight
D22-30 360g 1,220g 120kgs / 265lbs
D22-30X 360g 1,220g 120kgs / 265lbs
D22-35 375g 1,250g 120kgs / 265lbs
D22-35X 375g 1,250g 120kgs / 265lbs
D22-40 390g 1,280g 125kgs / 276lbs
390g 1,280g 125kgs / 276lbs
D22-45 405g 1,310g 125kgs / 276lbs
405g 1,310g 125kgs / 276lbs
D22-50 425g 1,350g 125kgs / 276lbs
D22-50X 425g 1,350g 125kgs / 276lbs

    * Complete wheel weights are subject to a ±5% variance.

      * Each wheelset will ship with: spare spokes, nipples; 
        * If you can't find the specs you need, please contact us directly to see what we can do, we will do our best to help you.