Carbonal ships carbon rims, wheels and other bicycle accessories all over the world. If you don't see your country on the shipping menu, please contact us at to confirm the delivery cost.

  Delivery Methods
Delivery Way Delivery Time (days) Need Tax?
EMS 7 ~ 14 Yes
TPD (Tax Prepaid) 7 ~ 25 No
DHL 3 ~ 5 Yes
TNT 3 ~ 8 Yes
FedEx 3 ~ 5 Yes



By default, we ship all parcels with EMS air express. Carbon rims and wheels are relatively large but lightweight, so they are most cost effective with EMS air express. Generally, it takes 5 to 10 days to arrive once shipped.

EMS air express service scope:
A: Australia, Austria, Argentina
B: Belgium, Bangladesh, Brazil, Belarus
C: Cambodia, Canada, Cuba, Czech Republic, Croatia, China
D: Denmark
E: Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia
F: France, Finland
G: Germany, Greece, Guyana
H: Hong Kong, Hungary
I: India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Iran, Israel 
J: Japan, Jordan
L: Luxembourg, Laos, Latvia
M: Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia, Malta, Mexico
N: New Zealand, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway
P: Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Poland
R: Russia, Romania
S: South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Sri Lanka
T: Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey,
U: United Arab Emirates, United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine
V: Vietnam
EMS track link:



Tax prepaid delivery. TPD delivery way is mainly for customers from EU (European Union), it will take around 7~14 days. You will not have to pay the customs tax or VAT cost.

TPD service scope:
A: Austria
B: Belgium, Bulgaria
C: Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic
D: Denmark
E: Estonia
F: Finland, France
G: Germany, Greece
H: Hungary
I: Italy, Ireland
L: Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania
N: Netherlands
P: Poland, Portugal
R: Romania
S: Slovenia, Spain, Sweden
U: United Kingdom



For the most urgent orders, you could choose DHL air express. Normally it takes within 5 days once after the package has shipped. DHL air express is the fastest but also the most expensive delivery option we have.

If you prefer other ways of shipping (such as TNT/UPS) or your country is not included in EMS/TPD/DHL service scope, please contact us and we will find out a best delivery way for you.