700C disc brake DT60S 25mm wide 60mm deep tubular carbon rim - 430g

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This 60mm tubular road disc rim perfect fit wider tires from 24mm to 35mm width used on most disc brake road bikes. 25mm wide U shape is aerodynamic, stiff and durable enough for training, racing.

Rim Specs

Rim Model DT60S
Material Toray T700 & T800 premium carbon fiber
Size 700C
Use Road
Type Tubular
Width 25mm
Depth 60mm
ERD 525mm (including nipple head dimension)
Weight 430g±20
Offset 0mm (symmetric)
Max Weight Limit 130kgs / 287lbs
Spoke Hole Angle ±7°
Spoke Tension 110~130kgf (recommended)
Tire Pressure 125psi / 8.62bar (recommended max)
Tire Size 21C ~ 38C (recommended)
Warranty 5 years
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